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More funky tees

Well, I'm still on track as far as the "nerdy/pop-culture t-shirt every day in July" challenge goes. Not a different tee every day, but then that wasn't part of the challenge and, though I haven't done an exact count, I don't think I own 31 different nerdy tees anyway. So, without further ado:

July 3rd & 4th tee -- a Dalek conquering all other robots. Because Daleks are awesome like that. I ended up staying over at my mum's place Sunday night rather unexpectedly, so I didn't have a fresh tee with me for Monday. Oops. I got this t-shirt at Teefury. They're like Qwertee, except that where Qwertee's designs stay up for three days, you can only get Teefury shirts for a single day each. So once again, there's basically no way for you to get this tee :P

July 5th. Another Teefury design: Chuck, Jeff and Lester from Chuck. The text underneath is largely obscured by my fat rolls the way the shirt is crinkled up, obviously, but it reads: "THE HERD, For all your computer needs." Both this picture and the previous one are twitpic reposts (in fact, I liked this second one enough that I'm even using it as my current Twitter icon) because once again, I managed to completely forget to take photos on the actual days. :P

July 6th: NERD shirt. And a cat eating my hand. And another piece of cat on my left boob, though I didn't realise that until I attached this photo just now. There's not a whole lot to say about this shirt... it says NERD in NES logo style. That makes it pretty awesome. You can get these (and other variations) at the Nerd Machine.

And finally today's, July 7th. If you've been reading this blog for long enough (say, from 2007-2009), you'll know that I participated in ScriptFrenzy twice. It's a challenge where you try to write a 20,000-word (2007) or 100-page (current) screenplay in one month. I tried this twice and failed, with about 17000 words, in 2007, and won, with a final page count of 103, in 2009. Together, those two bits became the 166-page monstrosity that is the RoA script. (Actually, that's after the first quick revision. I don't have the very first draft on hand right now, but I think it stood at 173-ish pages.)

Fun fact: somewhere midway through June 2009, I ran into massive writer's block on RoA and ended up writing about four pages of a Charah fanscript. Yeah, that means I technically only wrote 103-4 = 99 pages of RoA script that month. However, I figure all script pages written during Screnzy count towards the 100-page goal, right? Anyway. This is the 2007 commemorative Screnzy t-shirt. The OLL store actually appears to have a few of these still in stock, as well as the merch for the later years.

Since we're doing a clothing post anyway, I might as well show you the shoes I bought last Tuesday. These are converse clones made out of some denimy fabric. They were on sale for only € 15.

And these are ballet flats, except much sturdier. They're actually more like sneakers with the top cut off, and a really soft inner lining. I think (unlike typical cheap ballet flats which have absolutely zero support and chafe my heels) these will be quite comfortable on walks while not being as hot as wearing full sneakers and socks. These were also on sale, for € 25.

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