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The Nerd Machine & Nerd Awareness Month

OMG the summer holidays are here!! Two full months before I have to get back to uni. I cannot quite comprehend this yet because it's been, what, 8 years? since I had a vacation this long. I belonged to the working class and their 2-3 week holidays from 2005 onwards, and while I was still in college the summer of 2004, I did have a summer job for 3 or 4 weeks back then, so still "only" a 5 week holiday. So yeah, the last time I had a full 9-week summer vacay was all the way back in 2003, 8 years ago. :O I've decided to not take on any summer jobs and just enjoy it to the fullest while it lasts... it might not be the smartest thing financially, but, well, I guess I'll just work a little harder in the years to come. ;)

Aaanyway. The point of this blog was not to make you all jealous of my long vacation, so let's get on with it.

The point of this post was mainly to shamelessly plug The Nerd Machine. 'Cause they're awesome. They have really neat t-shirts and tanks (uh, that's tops, not, you know, the big vehicles...) a cool place to hang out whether you're a tech-, comic-, or TV-nerd, gamer, or just nerdy about anything else, really, and they're doing a Nerd HQ in San Diego during but not at ComicCon, so that even if you didn't manage to get passes you still have an awesome event to go to.

The second point of this post is that one of the TNM members decided to rename July Nerd Awareness Month.

"Nerd Awareness Month is exactly what it sounds like. It is an entire month devoted to celebrating and sharing all the things that deem you worthy of the title of Nerd. It started out as a random idea to wear a nerdy or pop culture related t-shirt everyday for the month of July of this year in celebration of my first trip to San Diego Comic Con, and of my introduction into an amazing nerd community. Then my friend suggested I spread this idea and it was her who first dropped the term "Nerd Awareness Month" on me. All at once I realized it had to be done. And so it will be."

As you can see, it was originally just a simple challenge to wear a nerd/pop-culture shirt each day in July, but there's now a different theme for each day of the month, with the idea of having events to celebrate those things. As far as I'm aware there aren't yet any events in the Netherlands, though, so I'm thinking about mayyyybe just coming up with one of my own. Though I'm not really much of an event planner. Suggestions? ;) One thing I can easily join in on is the t-shirt thing, so without further ado:

My July 1 tee. This is secretly an older photo (no, I wasn't wearing hotpants in 17°C weather) because I totally forgot to take one yesterday, but I really was wearing that t-shirt, I promise. It says "procrastinate" and it's funny because it has a procrastinating Dalek and they're normally all aggressive and yell exterminate instead and inside jokes aren't funny if you (badly) try to explain them are they so I'll just hold it right there. I got it at Qwertee, which has a new t-shirt every three days, so short of browsing eBay for used ones, there's basically no way for you to get this now. Sorry 'bout that. :P

Today's tee. It has an 8-bit style FireFlower with the caption "this is why I'm hot" and it's funny because, well, fireballs are hot but you're also wearing a nerdy t-shirt and obviously nerds are hot and dammit I thought we weren't going to do the whole explainy thing whoops. I got this from Snorgtees something like three years ago, but apparently they actually still sell it! It's even on sale from $19.95 to $15.96, although I'm fairly sure I only paid $15.00 to begin with, three years ago. Huh.

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