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Glossybox for June Review Roundup

Oh dear. July's Glossybox is already here, and I've only ever reviewed two products from June's box. I already said I didn't plan on reviewing the toe spreaders, but I never got around to saying anything about the sunscreen or foot balm either. The thing is, I didn't feel like I had a whole lot to say about either, I guess. So, in order to quickly finish up June's reviews (in mid-July, I know, I know) let's go ahead and combine two mini posts into one.

First up: the Biotherm SPF30 sunscreen. The main reason I didn't feel like writing a whole post about this is that I thought it was nothing special. Sure, it protected my skin against sunburn. But then, so does my six-times-cheaper drugstore sunscreen, since I'm pretty sure they're only allowed to write "SPF30" on the packaging if it actually does provide you with that protection. Therefore, I had hoped that to justify the price difference, it would, for instance, be absorbed into the skin much better/faster and not leave that sticky film that sunscreen often does. Alas, this was not the case. It basically performed exactly the same as most other brands I've used. Um. The smell was a little bit nicer, maybe? I'm afraid that's about it.

And then there's the Alessandro Pedix Heel Rescue balm. Now, the problem with this is that I've never used any type of foot balm before. Like, ever. So, A, I didn't really have any intention to start now, and B, even if I did, just for review purposes, I had nothing to compare it to, no frame of reference whatsoever. So I've really been using it as a hand lotion/balm instead, and it serves that purpose pretty well. It gets absorbed pretty quickly, makes my hands nice and soft, doesn't leave them sticky or oily, and has a fresh somewhat minty scent. If those are qualities you would look for in a foot balm, well, there you go. ;)

So. That's my somewhat uninspired review of the other products from June's Glossybox. I'll try to do a better job with this month's products? ;)

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