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Figs & Rouge (Lip) Balm

I put "lip" in parentheses in the title, because as you can see in the picture, they actually call this a "lip, face & body balm". However, I doubt I will actually be using it for anything other than my lips, so, yeah. It comes in a cute little pink tin.

This is what the balm itself looks like. It's made of 100% natural, organic ingredients, just oils and butters, so it's a plain white balm. It's solid in the tin, but melts easily once you rub your finger over the top.

This is what it looks like on the lips, immediately after applying. I feel it's important to add that, because I don't think I've used a lip balm before that gets absorbed into my skin this well. Most balms just seem to leave a coating on top of my lips, which, while at least preventing them from drying out more, doesn't really moisturise them either. That film than gradually disappears as you eat, drink and talk. This balm, however, gets completely absorbed into the skin of my lips within minutes, and really does feel quite nourishing. I like it! So in terms of looks, it's slightly glossy at first, but then becomes matte again and just leaves your lips looking and feeling hydrated.

The only thing I didn't like that much about this balm is the scent. It's kind of a sweet rosy scent, which I guess a lot of people will consider quite nice... but to me it just feels kind of weird to have flowery perfumed lips? Yeah, I dunno, it's probably just me. I will still continue to use it for its nice hydration, though. :)

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