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Glossybox for June

Another month, another Glossybox! Are you curious to see what June's box holds?

The theme for this month is "summer", so all the products are related to that in some way. Let's have a closer look at them...

First, there is a sea salt texturising spray by Toni & Guy, which you can use to create a beachy/surfer type hair style. I've heard of these types of salt sprays before, but never actually tried them, so I'm curious! This is a travel size item; the full size normally retails for €12.99. Over on the right end is a balm by Figs & Rouge, which can be used for dry lips but also simply for dry skin in general. This is a full sized tin which retails for €3.95.

The bright yellow bottle is a sample sized version of Biotherm SPF30 sunscreen. The full size of this is, in my opinion, kind of ridiculously expensive (€27 for just 200ml) so I'm rather curious to see if this is actually nicer in any way than my usual drugstore's home brand sunscreen (€5 for 250ml or something like that).  Finally, there are two items to help you get your feet all ready to be shown off in your flip-flops (or whatever other "open" summer shoes you normally wear). A heel rescue balm for dry feet by Alessandro, with a RRP of €7.95 (for the full size), and a pair of toe separators to help you apply nail polish without things getting messy. Obviously, that's also a full sized item (or they wouldn't fit anymore, haha) which normally goes for €2.50.

Here's a closer look at the toe spreader things, since I doubt I will be specifically reviewing those in their own blog post. I mean, they're toe spreaders. They spread your toes. What else do you want me to say about them? :P They did come in a cute bag that you can use to store make-up or other items.

So, that's the contents of June's Glossybox! Overall, I have to say I'm a bit less impressed with this month's box than I was with the previous two. April's box had generous samples of quite high-end products, and May's box had regular drugstore products, but those were full sizes... the brands in this month's box are not all that special, if you ask me, and yet they are mostly sample sizes. Still, it's always nice to try out some new products that you might not have bought, otherwise :)

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