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Toni&Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray

So, this is the sea salt texturising spray that I got in my Glossybox. It's supposed to give your hair more volume and texture, in a coarse sort of way -- as if you've spent the day at the beach with sea water and sand and such -- and also allow you to easily create a sort of naturally wavy hairstyle.

Instructions on the bottle. Pretty simple, right? Spray into dry hair, finger comb, let dry, and you're done. Let's go ahead and try that.

My hair before...

...and after. Yeah, so, um. It looks nearly the same as before, except, well, messier. And not in the nonchalant "I'm a cool surfer girl" messy kind of way, either. Just in the "I cycled through a rainstorm and didn't bother to comb my hair once after it'd dried" kind of way. Also, it has virtually no extra volume, and definitely didn't spontaneously develop any curls or waves.

Even though I'd pretty much done exactly as the bottle instructed, I figured I had to be doing something wrong. I looked up a couple tutorials online, and most of them recommended a rather different approach: apply to damp/towel-dry hair rather than completely dry; apply enough of the spray so that it gets quite damp again; and then twist into tight buns and let it dry that way, or you probably still won't get any curls/waves if your hair is naturally straight. Huh.

So I decided to try that approach the next morning. I allowed my hair to air-dry for half an hour or so after showering, then applied the sea salt spray quite generously, sectioned my hair, and twisted each section up into a little bun. Now, my hair takes 2-3 hours to air-dry even when it's just hanging there loosely (there's a reason I blow-dry it every morning), and tied into a braid or bun it can literally take ALL DAY to dry, or even still be slightly damp by the time I go to bed. So, rather than letting it dry in the buns completely, I took them out after an hour and a half or so, though I did leave my hair hanging down in the "twist" shapes that I'd created until it was completely dry (which probably took about four hours in total). At that point, I just sort of shook it out/finger combed my hair a little, without actually combing it. This was the end result:

So, this time around it actually did get fairly curly/wavy. However... I don't really feel like the effect is any stronger than I would have achieved if I had just put my wet-from-shower hair up in those tight twisty buns and let it dry. Yeah. Um. Maybe it's just me or my hair type or whatever, but I'm really kind of failing to see the added value of the sea salt spray. Especially at a price of €13 per bottle that would last you maybe 5-6 uses if your hair is as long as mine.

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