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Gliss Kur Hair Repair Ultimate Volume Direct Care Mousse

Wow, that's quite the name, isn't it. The purpose of this mousse is twofold: to add volume, as well as to care for dry and/or damaged hair. Now, I don't use any chemical dyes, curling or straightening irons on my hair, but I do blow-dry it almost daily, so it still tends to be slightly dry, especially in the lengths. And, well, I think I've mentioned before in blog posts how straight and sleek my hair tends to be, so a little extra volume couldn't hurt.

This is my hair in its normal state. I think I'd already briefly had it up in a pony tail that day, hence the slight kinks, haha. But anyway, you can see how it falls pretty flat alongside my face and all that.

This is my hair after washing it, applying the new Gliss Kur mousse, and then blow-drying it. Umm... yeah. Not exactly huge poofy volume, or anything. In fact, in this picture you can really see any difference whatsoever. IRL, it did look a bit nicer than usual, like I was just having a good hair day. Nice and shiny, not at all dry looking, and just "naturally" draping itself the way it's supposed to, instead of sleekly kind of going all over the place. But even then, no apparent extra volume.

Kind of odd considering I expected that to be the main effect, what with it being a mousse type product and all. I guess they were just really focusing on the "ultimate care" part? I'd rather use a conditioner or hair mask for that, though, and have my volumising mousse give me some actual volume. :P Or it simply doesn't work with my hair type, which is another possibility considering its natural sleekness. Either way, I suppose I won't be using this again a whole lot.

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