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Green Smoothie

Lately, I've occasionally been drinking green smoothies, and finding that I actually enjoy them! A green smoothie is basically any combination of fruits and greens. It can even simply be a smoothie made out of greens (and/or veggies) without any fruits at all, but I'm not quite that hardcore yet. ;) The following is one of the most basic green smoothie recipes, which I believe is sometimes referred to as the "virgin" green smoothie. Try it out -- it's surprisingly tasty, and you'll hardly notice the greens at all.

You'll need the following:

  • one banana
  • about two large handfuls of spinach (fresh, uncooked leaves)
  • 1-3 teaspoons of honey

Start by adding a large handful of spinach to your blender, and add enough water to make sure it will blend down nice and smooth.

Blend, add the other half of the spinach (and some more water, if necessary), and blend again.

Finally, add the banana (peeled and broken into a couple of chunks), as well as honey to taste, and blend again until you have a nice smooth drink. It will look bright green, like this, but it will actually taste of banana and honey, with just a hint of an earthy/spinachy note.

This makes one serving, which contains (assuming you used about 2tsp honey) 2g protein, 29g carbs, 0.3g fat, and 3g fibre, for a total of 133 kcal. Try this as an alternative for your mid-morning latte -- you may find that it gives you the same energy boost without the post-caffeine crash :)

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