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Wicked (including FotD)

Oh wow, this is so long overdue it's not even funny. I went to see Wicked a full week and a half ago, at this point, and I had planned to blog about it the very next morning, and then, well, procrastination kicked in. Now we've reached the point where I have an exam in two days, so instead of procrastinating on writing this blog post, I'm blogging to procrastinate on studying. See how that works?

Let's start off with the look I did before going out. I decided I wanted something green (it seemed appropriate), so I bust out my Sleek Safari palette for the first time in ages, and here's what I came up with.

On my face, I'm wearing the Everyday Minerals multi-intensive concealer, and Everyday Minerals semi-matte foundation in Medium. I did my eyebrows using Everyday Minerals eyebrow powder in Auburn -- and I promise they did not look as sloppy and "coloured way outside the lines" in real life as they do in this picture. I'm not sure what happened there. :P Finally on my lips, I'm just wearing a little bit of Rosebud Salve lip balm. I put on a lip gloss just before heading into the theater.

For the eye look, I started out by applying a black line along about half of my lower lash line as well as all the way along the crease (right in the fold), using my Etos automatic kohl pencil in Black. I then grabbed a smudge brush with a tiny bit of black eye shadow on it, and smoked out those lines until they were nice and soft. Next, I grabbed the dark green shimmer from the Sleek Safari palette, and used that to line my lower lash line using the same smudge brush, and then also in my crease with a fluffy blending brush. Finally I took the bright green from the same palette and applied it all over my lid, blending it into the dark green. Nice and simple!

I finished the look by adding Sleek Dip-It liquid liner in Black along my upper lash line, and of course applying some mascara (Etos Xtra Volume in Black). I made a nice wing with the liner -- well, or so I thought, until I looked at these close-up photos just now and realised the angle is completely off. Oh well. :P

So, on to the show itself! I'd been wanting to see Wicked ever since it first came out. I had heard about it well before it even premiered over here in the Netherlands (last November), mostly through Glee ;) and had actually already seen the whole thing (the original Broadway version) in full, on a rather poor audience cam version on Youtube. Now, for all the TV shows and films I watch, I tend to avoid spoilers like the plague, but with this, even seeing the whole thing beforehand didn't bother me -- in fact, it just made me want to go there myself much more strongly! :P

The main thing holding me back from actually going, until now, had been the price, with decent seats going for $125 and up. But then the price dropped to $110 for first class seats and, more importantly, I randomly got a "2 for 1" voucher, so it suddenly became doable, and off we went. I only have the one picture up above, though (from just before the show actually started), since there was no way I was going to risk getting kicked out now that I'd finally made it there, and so I heeded all the "please no recordings of any kind" warnings like a good girl. :P If you haven't been yet and want to have a taste of what it'll be like, there are plenty of videos up on Youtube, with various casts and multiple languages/countries. Like I said, there's even a couple of full versions up there.

That doesn't begin to compare to actually seeing it in person, though, which I would definitely recommend if you get the chance. The acting, singing and dancing is all amazing -- the entire cast gives stellar performances. The one thing that probably impressed me the most, though, seeing it in person as compared to on a cam, was actually the stage itself! Things don't just happen on the stage, the whole surrounding area also has (changing) lights and decorations, little platforms and balconies that the actors occasionally come out on, a huge animatronic dragon (no, seriously), etc. So anyway, the entire show definitely gets a huge thumbs up from me.

Oh, and here is the one video I did take; right at the end, after the actual show has just finished and the entire cast comes back out to receive their ovation. I figured there would probably be no point in kicking me out at that stage. ;) I do apologise for the extremely poor quality in advance, though. This was filmed on a cell phone, which couldn't really cope with the light changes in addition to simply having a very low resolution to begin with. :P

Main cast for our showing: Celine Purcell as Glinda, Willemijn Verkaik as Elphaba, Jim Bakkum as Fiyero.

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