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28 day plan – week 3 results

Three out of the four weeks over already! Without further ado, let's see how I did...

  • Monday:
    • Food: 86 g protein, 266 carbs, 85 g fat, 2197 kcal total. I was doing great all day... and then I caved and ate an indecent amount of nutella straight from the jar. Whoops. 0/2
    • Water: 1.5 L  water, 1 cup of coffee. 2/2
    • Exercise:  30mins cycling. 2/2
    • Challenge (Celebrate Me): So I came up with a bunch of different fills for this, doing a manicure or pedicure or a facial or whatever... and then I realised I didn't actually feel like doing any of those things, making them feel like "work" instead of something to relax, and I really just wanted to veg out on the couch watching TV instead. And then I figured, if that's how I was feeling today, that was a much more logical way to "take some time to yourself" than forcing myself to do something I didn't even feel like doing in the first place. So I did just that. 2/2
    • Diary: 2/2
    • Total: 8 points
  • Tuesday:
    • Food: 86 g protein, 179 g carbs, 63 g fat, 1650 kcal total. 2/2
    • Water: 1.5 L water, 1 cup of coffee. 2/2
    • Exercise: 2 bodyrock workouts, 20mins walk. 2/2
    • Challenge (Procrastinators Anonymous): A whole bunch of my programs had been nagging me about updates for weeks now (Adobe Reader, Flash, Java, Windows itself etc.), but I kept ignoring them. Downloading and installing all those updates (and having to reboot your laptop multiple times in the process, typically) easily takes like half an hour, and if I'm at the computer, I'm there because I want to use it for some purpose, not do stuff like that instead. And if I'm not at the computer, well, then I can't really do it, either, can I. So I'd been putting that off for several weeks now, like I always do, and this afternoon and finally sat down and did them. 2/2
    • Diary: 2/2
    • Total: 10 points
  • Wednesday:
    • Food: 99.5 g protein, 174 g carbs, 66 g fat, 1757 kcal total. 2/2
    • Water: 1.5 L water, 1 cup of coffee. 2/2
    • Exercise: 20mins walk. 1/2
    • Challenge (Random Act of Kindness): Did about half an hour of overtime so I could finish something up... suppose that counts. 2/2
    • Diary: Kept my food log, but nothing else. 1/2
    • Total: 8 points
  • Thursday:
    • Food: 65 g protein, 198 g carbs, 61 g fat, 1637 kcal total. 2/2
    • Water: 2 L water, 2 cups of coffee. 2/2
    • Exercise: 20mins cycling, 1 bodyrock workout. 2/2
    • Challenge (Try It, You'll Like It): I made coconut brownies and they turned out awesome :D 2/2
    • Diary: 2/2
    • Total: 10 points
  • Friday:
    • Food: 60.5 g protein, 206 g carbs, 67.5 g fat, 1703 kcal total. 2/2
    • Water: 1.5L water, 1 cups of coffee. 2/2
    • Exercise: 1 bodyrock workout. 2/2
    • Challenge (Fun Day): I've mentioned before that I got this Danish language course. Well, I still hadn't started it, cause, you know... between lectures, labs and homework, I probably spend like 25-30 hours per week on uni stuff, and then I also work 2-4 shifts per week (I actually have two jobs, now), so in my free time, I hadn't felt very much like doing more studying just yet. ;) So this afternoon, my class finished early, and I promised myself: okay, at least start with the first lesson today. Just do the first section of the first lesson, and then you can play your new Alice game all evening long. (That was going to be my Fun thing for the Day.) So I did, and it was easier than I'd been expecting, and I got really into it, and before I knew it, it was halfway through the evening and I'd just finished the whole first lesson. I'd forgotten how much fun it was to learn new words! So I'm now actually considering this my Fun thing, seeing as I then felt too lazy to play my game, afterwards. (Yes, I consider learning stuff to be fun. On a completely unrelated note, have I ever mentioned how Hermione is probably my favourite character from the Harry Potter novels?)  2/2
    • Diary: 2/2
    • Total: 10 points
  • Saturday:
    • Food: Did not fill out food log, but way more than 1800 at least -- probably in the 2500-3000 region... 0/2
    • Water: 1.5L water, 1 cup of coffee. 2/2
    • Exercise: Rest day. 2/2
    • Challenge (Cleaning Out The Cobwebs): Decided to postpone this until tomorrow, as I was out of the house almost the entire day.  0/2
    • Diary: 0/2
    • Total: 4
  • Sunday:
    • Food: Same as yesterday... did not count anything, but must have been at least 2500. 0/2
    • Water: 1.5 L water, 2 cups of coffee. 2/2
    • Exercise: None, and I'd already counted yesterday, which also had none, as my weekly rest day, so... 0/2
    • Challenge  (Make Up Day): Cleaned up my room and bathroom once I got back home. 2/2
    • Diary: 0/2
    • Total: 4

Only 54 points this week, which is quite a ways down compared to the previous two. I still did pretty good on all workdays, but then the weekend hit and well, I basically just had two giant cheat days. I didn't bother to get on the scale on those days, either, so I guess Friday's weigh-in (at 74.9kg) will have to count as my "end" weight for the week. Just about another pound down, from my 75.3kg at the start of it, annnd we have that magical "4" in there for the first time! After my antics this weekend, though, I probably gained it all straight back... oh well. Let's just see if we can finish nice and strongly in the last week!

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