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Chapter 3

Well, it took quite a bit longer than I'd planned, due to artist's block and other stuff... but I've finally finished sketching chapter three as of two days ago. It was sent out with the first RoA newsletter on Monday evening. Now to ink and color everything... I inked the first page yesterday and it looks pretty cool :)

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Mango’s over.

Well, I didn't quite make it to 62 pages, but then I wasn't really expecting that. I did make it not only to, but quite a ways past 30 pages, so I guess I'm a Nanomango winner! Woo!

Chapter two:

Page 20-27
Page 28-35
Page 36-38 and the first few pages of chapter three

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The first chapter is done!

Well, the sketched version of it, anyway. It's all available over at the Nanomango LJ:

Page 1-4
Page 5-6
Page 7
Page 8-11
Page 12-13
Page 14-19

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Here, have 17 more characters.

Told you I'd set myself a deadline of sketching out all characters in the first four chapters before June 1st... without further ado:

Ayden, the main antagonist -- happy with the character design itself, unhappy with the way the side profile came out.

His parents:
ayden_mom ayden_dad

Gareth -- I might change this design completely later on, as I'm not sure if I'm happy with it.

And a whole bunch of supporting and minor characters. They pretty much speak for themselves, except where my handwriting is illegible.

amanda_mom chris evelyn

faye girl1 girl2

oom1 oom2 policeman1

policeman2 rachel sarah


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This post will be very picture-heavy.

You've been warned. As I said in my previous blog, I've been doing a bunch of character sketches. There's Amanda in front view, profile view, 3/4 view and full view; Cailym in front, profile, and a very sucky 3/4 view; Julie in front and profile view; a 25 expressions worksheet... and then there's also a picture of Amanda from a chapter quite a bit into the future, which is A) spoilerish and B) probably NSFW. So click through at your own risk...