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OMG. I won. I fucking won. I was at 85 pages yesterday and then I wrote like crazy all night today and then I checked my page count and then I was at 103 pages. And then, apparently, I thought it would be a good idea to write a huge run-on sentence.

So. Anyway. I won. Seriously? Yeah. Wow. I did a page count check at page 94 and then I accidentally hit some shortcut on my keyboard and killed my wifi. Apparently, in Celtx, you need to be online to able to check your page count -- whoever came up with that? So I just wrote and wrote until the last couple of scenes in the story were finished, rebooted my laptop to get the wifi to work properly again, and I was at 103 pages. I'd been pretty sure I must've gone over a 100 somewhere in the process, and all I did when I saw the final page count was a quick "yay".

Then I uploaded my script to the scriptfrenzy website for validation. Now, I must've mentioned thiss before, but I did Nanowrimo four times before and Scriptfrenzy once and I didn't succeed a single time. So I validated my script, and it came in at a 103 pages like I knew it would, and I got a page that I'd never seen before saying in huge letters "YOU WON!" That was 15 minutes ago, and I'm still so giddy I'm practically bouncing up and down.

And, uh. I think I'm glossing over the most important part here. I FINISHED MY STORY. Sorry, that deserved to be in all caps. I've lost count of the number of stories, novels, plays and whatnot that I've started ever since I was little, and I've literally never finished a single one of them. Sure, I've written the occasional short story. But anything that was supposed to be novel-length, or even remotely close to it, I've always just sort of abandoned mid-way through. And now, for the first time in my LIFE, I ACTUALLY FINISHED one of them. Okay, I'll cut it out with the caps now.

I would've thought that once I was actually done writing this screenplay, I'd be quite happy not to look at it again for quite a while. But the opposite is true -- I actually can't wait to start editing it. Who would've thought?

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Almost halfway there!

"Some stuff planned" last weekend... I ended up spending almost the entire Saturday and Sunday out of the house. So guess what? I didn't write anything. But at least I didn't have any plans for Monday. So of course, I decided to be a smart girl and procrastinate all day, and finally started writing at some point in the evening.

The bad news? Once I started, I really got into it and ended up writing until like half past twelve, even though I had to get up at six-thirty the next morning. Yeah, I was pretty tired the next day.

The good news? Once I started, I really got into it and ended up writing eleven pages. Oh yeah.

I managed to somewhat kill my writer's block by starting a new script. Hey, any screenplay-material written during April counts! So I wrote the opening scene for a completely random Chuck fan script. I've never really written ANY fan fiction before, let alone fan screenplays. Trying to write someone else's characters was... interesting. But hey, it helped crumble my writer's wall, and I ended up writing about seven pages of my own script as well!

On Wednesday, I had the afternoon off as per usual, and intended to write another eight pages and get back up to the target amount. Alas... some unfriendly gnome had been doing reconstruction on the writer's wall and I only made it to four. Yesterday, I procrastinated all evening until I was too tired to write and went to bed.

Today would normally be a work day, but I decided to take the day off as it's my birthday. I am now officially the same age as my female MC. Anyway, I did take the day off for a reason. My mom's coming by at about eleven, and I still need to tidy up beforehand; and then my friends are coming for a big BBQ this late afternoon/evening, so I'll also need to do a bunch more cleaning, grocery shopping etc. Doesn't leave much time for writing.

However, I forgot to inform my dad that I'd taken the day off, so he gave me a congratulatory pre-work call... at seven. Even with all the stuff I need to do, I hadn't set my alarm until eight, so I suddenly had a spare hour in the day. I used it to, well, surf the net for a little bit first, but then also to write three new pages. So it's now eight-something in the am, and I already have my first three pages done for the day. Happy Birthday to me!

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Screnzy update

So, after getting off to a flying start on the first day, I guess I kind of plummeted back down to the earth. After writing those 17 pages on the first day, I wrote only four pages on the second, which is still slightly more than the daily goal, but seems a little meager after the 17-in-a-day thing. And then I didn't write at all on the 3rd day. I'd planned to do a lot of writing over the weekend, but ended up doing only about 7 pages in total over both days. Still okay, still at about the daily goal for those days, but also continuously lowering the pace.

Then on Monday (the 6th, for those who were counting), I didn't write at all, and Tuesday was the same. I planned to make up for it on Wednesday, when I had the afternoon off, but I ended up writing only a single page. Yesterday, I didn't bother to write again, and that brings us up to today. I did write about three pages, but that literally took me over an hour and a half. I've just been feeling kind of blocked about the story in general over the past week, after feeling so optimistic about it for the first three days. Also, I've managed to completely kill the head start I'd gotten, as I'm now at 32 pages when I should be at 33 for today.

Well, we have a nice long three-day weekend ahead of us. I do have some stuff planned, but I should have at least a couple of hours of spare time each day. Plenty of time to do plenty of writing... as long as I can get this writer's block lifted a bit.

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So. First day of ScriptFrenzy. In my last post I mentioned I planned to write a full plot outline beforehand. (I think I mentioned it, at least... I meant to, anyway.) I kiind of procrastinated on my plotting, and I ended up re-summarizing everything I'd already written, tacking maybe two or three new scenes on to the end, and then... that was it. I did that on the 30th, and then last night I watched 24 and Chuck and Heroes AND Castle after dinner, and then I was tired and went to bed, so those two or three scenes were all I had.

But I've been thinking about at the story a lot lately, at least. And I guess I had more story ideas pent up inside me than I realized. I started writing this afternoon, and when I did, it just sort of came pouring out of me without much effort. And I wrote those scenes I summarized in the plot outline, all of them, in detail. And then I wrote a couple more. In the end, just now, when I called it a day, saved my stuff as a PDF and validated... wow. Out of the 100 pages that I need to write for this thing, I'm up to 17. After day one. Seriously? I'm having trouble believing it, but it's true. Let's see if we can keep this writing streak up, shall we?

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June? Seriously?

Whoa. I knew it'd been a while since I last posted anything on here, but I didn't quite realize the last post had been over nine months ago. I could've had a baby in between the last post and this one and you wouldn't have known about it. ...I have no idea where that analogy came from -- I'm definitely not pregnant or trying to be. Anyway. Let's move on before I do any more incoherent rambling.

I did do a couple of videoblogs in the meantime though. When I say 'a couple', I really only mean three, but I guess it's better than nothing. You can find them up on my youtube account. I might post another one later today or on Wednesday about ScriptFrenzy.

Because, yes, ScriptFrenzy. It's right around the corner again, which is the main reason for resurrecting this blog today. As you know if you look through my older posts, I kind of meant to do the 2008 version, but I thought it'd be in June and didn't find out that it was actually in April until late March. With it sneaking up on me like that, I didn't do any plotting or planning until the start of it, and in the end it lead to me not doing the whole thing at all.

But now that I knew, I could be prepared for it this year. So I do seriously intend to do ScriptFrenzy this year, and I do intend to use it to finish up my 2007 screenplay. As you know if you've read even older posts, I ran into complete and utter writer's block by the end of June 2007, and realized I had no idea where I really wanted to go with the plot. The result of this is basically that I wanted to finish it, "someday", but didn't really bother to do anything about finishing it at all between then and now. Just recently, ie. over the last couple of months, I've allowed myself to really start thinking about the plot again, and the massive wall of writer's block that was continuously there throughout the past 1,5 years is finally starting to crumble. Sure, all I had were some vague ideas in-my-mind-only that I'd think up during work, mostly, and not even bother to write down, but at least I was coming up with some new stuff. And then a couple of weeks ago, I had a fully formed idea for a several-pages-long scene just kind of pop into my head like that, and started writing it the same night. It felt good.

Now, as ScriptFrenzy is coming up dangerously soon, I've actually started writing down bits and pieces of (mostly background) story instead of just having those "vague ideas" swirling around in my mind. And when I say "bits and pieces", I mean something like four full pages, and that's just the background story for the villainy side of the thing. I'm going to try and get the same thing done for our protagonists today, and then start working on my plot outline from there on out. For the first time in forever, I feel like I'm actually going somewhere with this thing.

You might recall that in 2008, I had a bit of a dilemma -- did I want to use SF2008 to finish my 2007 screenplay or start something new? The main problem was the lack of plot for the rest of the story, something which I'm not as worried about this time. But also that I'd already written about 75 pages, and had no idea whether there were a 100 more pages of story left to tell. That, I still don't know. 175 pages is a lot for a movie script, but then it's not really intended to be, in the end. (I did mention before that even though I'm writing it movie screenplay style, I intend to eventually turn it into a graphic novel... right?) Can I write a 100 additional pages of this thing? I don't know. I guess we'll just have to wait until April and see... that shouldn't take much longer.

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