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Easy “bumpy texture” tutorial for OpenCanvas

...though you could probably find similar filters and options in Photoshop. It's just that OpenCanvas is my drawing tool of choice. Oh, hi! This is a bit of a deviation from the usual make-up and food tutorials, isn't it. But yeah, I was trying to create a kind of rock/"rough" texture in OpenCanvas and discovered a super quick way to add a bumpy texture to any surface. This is how I did it. First, grab the image that you want to apply the texture to.

Next, create a new layer, and make sure your colours are set to pure black and white. Then apply the following filters, in this order:

"Clouds/Rocks" (under "Render") with the softness set to the minimum and contrast pretty low as well. Your image should now be mostly-black with some white squiggles. We want it the other way around, so Invert the colours. Then continue with the filters:

Add noise, a fairly high amount (around 100) set to monochromatic. Note that this is NOT the layer created in the previous step, in this screenshot. I accidentally had a different one selected when I took this.

The texture is now looking a bit overly sharp and crisp, so apply a mild (< 1) Gaussian blur. Your layer should now look something like this. Not exactly the same, of course, since the Rocks filter is random. But the same sort of texture.

Now set this layer to Multiply, and lower the opacity to around 30-35%. The combination of your original image and the new texture will now look something like this:

In this screenshot, layer 1 and layer 2 together make up the image that you saw in step one, and layer 3 is the one we've just created. You didn't miss a step where you were supposed to create that "layer 2", don't worry. ;) Now, create a copy of your texture layer, and Invert it, so it is once again mostly black. That layer, by itself, will look like this:

Now, set this layer to Linear Dodge mode, and lower the opacity to around 25-30%. Now you will see something like this:

That's right, it'll look virtually identical to the original image that you started with. Don't panic! You didn't just undo all your hard work (well, it wasn't even that hard, was it?), the highlight and shadow layers are just cancelling each other out because they're in exactly the same place. Let's remedy that, shall we? Grab the Move tool, and nudge your highlight layer just 2 pixels or so to the right. Well, I moved it to the right, anyway. I guess you can move it any direction you want, depending on where the light source is in your picture. See what just happened? Instant bumps:

And you're done! Well, feel free to play with it some more. You can increase or decrease the opacity for both your new layers, depending on how strong/sharp you want the bumps to appear. You can also put the layers more than 2px apart to make them appear larger. Play with the different layer modes... you still have all sorts of options. But this tutorial ends here, at any rate. ;)

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Here, have 17 more characters.

Told you I'd set myself a deadline of sketching out all characters in the first four chapters before June 1st... without further ado:

Ayden, the main antagonist -- happy with the character design itself, unhappy with the way the side profile came out.

His parents:
ayden_mom ayden_dad

Gareth -- I might change this design completely later on, as I'm not sure if I'm happy with it.

And a whole bunch of supporting and minor characters. They pretty much speak for themselves, except where my handwriting is illegible.

amanda_mom chris evelyn

faye girl1 girl2

oom1 oom2 policeman1

policeman2 rachel sarah


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This post will be very picture-heavy.

You've been warned. As I said in my previous blog, I've been doing a bunch of character sketches. There's Amanda in front view, profile view, 3/4 view and full view; Cailym in front, profile, and a very sucky 3/4 view; Julie in front and profile view; a 25 expressions worksheet... and then there's also a picture of Amanda from a chapter quite a bit into the future, which is A) spoilerish and B) probably NSFW. So click through at your own risk...


Hi world!

*waves* On oekakicentral, I was asked to fix to background of that pic I posted recently... I have to admit I was kind of afraid it wouldn't be good enough for 2* when I posted it anyway, so I guess I should have worked on it some more in the first place. But anyway, here's the new and improved version.


Also, I tried to do a blink video today... I occasionally record myself singing random songs (though I rarely post them on youtube as I don't usually think they're good enough), but it was weird just talking to the camera for the first time :p Anyway, I thought it came out okay, but when I played it back it turns out A) I got the timing completely wrong on one line and B) it spontaneously cuts off half a minute before the end :/ I guess I'll give it another try some time soon.

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Me :)

I drew another oekaki picture today, using an old holiday photo of me as a reference. I'm uploading the unfinished lineart-only picture as well as the end result, because I'm REALLY pleased at how the lines came out. This is probably one of my best (digital) ink-work to date. As for the coloring... I like the jacket, but I'm not too happy about the jeans, I think my attempt at giving them some texture kind of failed. And let's not even speak of the background :P

All in all, this took me 5,5 hours to do, and I did it nearly in one sitting (just one 1/2 hour lunch break). I'm sore just about everywhere and my index finger is threatening to fall off. Oh well :P

276bw.jpg 276.jpg

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