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Friendship bracelets

So one thing I learned to do this summer is make friendship bracelets. Now, it's really quite easy, and you may have been doing this as early as primary school, but I never have. I attended the first-ever DutchStarkids meeting just a few weeks ago, and one of the girls there was wearing a homemade Starkid bracelet. She later pointed us in the direction of this helpful tutorial and I have since made multiple bracelets of my own.

I've been wearing them out and about and getting some questions on how I made them. Now, I could go and try to explain to you how it's done, but really, that tutorial does a better job than I ever could. It has pictures and videos and everything. Instead, I'll show you what I've created so far.

This was my first-ever try, and it shows. I mean, for a first time it's not even that terrible, I guess, but you can definitely see the difference between the beginning and the end, haha. It starts out all messy and uneven in width in both directions (yes, the vertical line of that R is just a single row of knots, not a double one...) and then sort of gets neater and more straight as it goes on. :P The pattern is also very simple, just using the basic letter patterns from the tutorial.

Then I created this glow* bracelet. I created a simple pattern of lowercase letters instead of the uppercase ones from the tutorial, plus a little star type thing. I drew it out beforehand, but I didn't bother to save it, so if anyone wants to recreate this, let me know and I'll see if I can redraw it for you.

It bothered me that my first Starkid bracelet was quite sloppy, so I decided to make a new one. I figured while I was at it, I might as well create a new pattern rather than using the simple letters, so I created this one based off the Starkid logo. And yes, if you compare the pattern and the actual bracelet, you can tell that I made a mistake... the final two pixels of the R should be one row higher up. Whoops. :P

Finally, I figured that you should be able to create more than just letters or simple patterns this way... surely you could pixel-art anything you wanted, right? Actually make a drawing using little knots? This turned out to be trickier than I'd initally realised. Doing line-art with just one colour is easy enough. Shading with a single colour isn't that hard either - just use more or fewer pixels per cm2 to create the different shades. But when even those lines and shades/tones have to be the same colour, things become fuzzy pretty quickly. Still, I feel it worked out halfway decent, in the end.

Crappy lightning is crappy. Remind me to take a better picture of this at some point. This was easily the most time-consuming one* to do; creating the pattern alone took me over an hour, I believe, and then actually tying the 2728 knots to make it took me another ~10 hours, spread out over three days. :P (*This is way too big to even be used as a bracelet. I've been mentally referring to it as a miniature tapestry.) In case anyone wants to attempt my insanity, here's the pattern for that as well.

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F.lux – an addendum

The other day, I bought this T-shirt off Teefury. It has Abed and Troy (from Community), in a blanket fort, reading Kickpuncher comics. Pretty awesome, right? It is also very inyourface-bright red.

Now, I don't mind this, but it was a little bit of an unexpected surprise, when I opened the package. You see, I was under the assumption that I'd ordered a nice, soft, almost pastel-ish orangey-red t-shirt, not an #FF0000 firetruck bright one. I actually went "huh. that's the kind of false advertising I'm not used to seeing on Teefury" for a second. So I went to their archives, relocated the t-shirt, and found that it was at least as bright as up above, in their picture. This confused me even more -- "how did I not notice that?" -- until I suddenly realised I had first seen the t-shirt ad in the evening, and then ordered it that very same night. (Well, you kind of have to, considering they sell a different shirt every day. :P) You don't suppose... I forced my f.lux to turn on despite it being daytime, for a minute, and sure enough, there was the nice soft pastel red again. Whoops.

Basically this blog post is a big "note to self: f.lux has a nice 'disable if you need to do colour-sensitive stuff' button -- learn to use it."

While we're on the subject of Community and t-shirts anyway, I now own a Teefury t-shirt that has Abed from Community on it, while Abed has worn a Teefury t-shirt on Community. There's something very meta in there somewhere.

The screencapped proof from 3x01, but he wears the same one in 2x21 as well. Admittedly I'm not entirely sure this was also a Teefury print as I don't actually own this design myself, but Liam does, and I'm fairly certain he mentioned getting it from there. It was definitely one of those "shirt a day" shops like Teefury or Qwertee or whatever, anyway. So there. :P

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My shoe collection

A little while ago, I asked if anyone would be interested in a blog post about my shoe collection. The response was favourable, so here we go! I figured, rather than taking a ton of pictures, I might as well make a single video.

Pictured are the following. FYI I've added the prices (and stores where I bought them) as well -- well, in as much as I could remember them, so these are more like rough estimates :P

  • Flats:
    • Shs ballet flats (Schoenenreus, €5)
    • Greyhound ballet flats (Bristol, €30)
    • Blue Box ballet flats (Scapino, €20)
    • Fugu sneakers (leather) (Scapino, €30)
    • Fugu sneakers (canvas) (Scapino, €20)
  • Pumps/sandals:
    • 3" Colore Per Favore pumps (Schoenenreus, €25)
    • 4" 2Bizzy sandals (Bristol, €20)
    • 4.5" Michael Antonio sandals (eBay, technically second-hand, but worn only once, for $5 -- yes, literally)
    • 4.5" Feud London pumps (ASOS, RRP £120, bought on sale for £18)
    • 5" Steve Madden pumps (ASOS, RRP £170, bought on sale for £48)
  • Boots:
    • Flat Hine mid-calf boots (Shoe Outlet, €25)
    • 2" N.D. One mid-calf boots (Scapino, €35)
    • 2.5" Celinda ankle boots (Scapino, €39)
    • 3" Excellent knee boots (Bristol, €89)
    • 4" SPNX ankle boots (Scapino, €30)
    • 5" Modern ankle boots (eBay, $45)

Not pictured:

  • 2 pairs of Ugg-knockoffs (Shoe Outlet, €10)
  • 2 pairs of running shoes (€50 Asics, Intersport, and €110 Saucony, Run2Day)
  • 2 pairs of flip-flops (Schoenenreus, €5)
  • 2 pairs of slippers (Bristol, €5)

So, all in all, including slippers and such, I own 24 pairs of shoes. That's not that bad, right? For a girl? ;) Plus, the newest pair in this collection was bought only last month, but the oldest pairs are like 7-10 years old, and I still use them occasionally :P

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T-shirts: there’s moar

I've run out of nerdy/pop-culture t-shirts to wear! Remember the Nerd Awareness challenge to wear one every day? So far, I haven't missed a day, but I've already had to start recycling t-shirts because I've run out of them. Clearly, this is a sign I need more funky t-shirts, right? ;)

So, I showed you my first bunch of shirts in the post linked above plus this one... here's the rest of them!

It's a bunch of pillows, having a pillow fight with each other. How cute is that? I got this one from Threadless, during a sale where all t-shirts were only $10. However, for some obscure reason they filled out the Customs slip as "t-shirts, value: $300." Wait, what? Over here, you're actually allowed to import about $50 worth of items, per shipment, without having to pay import taxes, so the one tee would've been well below the limit. However, thanks to them listing that price, customs was suddenly all like "hey, you ordered $300 worth of merch, go pay $65 in import tax!" By filling out forms and waiting three months, I eventually managed to get about $45 of my $65 back, but that still makes it a pretty damn expensive t-shirt. I've kinda boycotted Threadless since. :P

I won't go into too much detail about this one, because I've done a whole blog post about it before. Mummy tee from The House of Madness.

Another Doctor Who tee, and this time it doesn't even feature a Dalek! ;) Instead, it features a cartoon version of the Doctor and Amy, peering through one of the "cracks" that were a running theme over the  course of the fifth season. I got this one from Qwertee.

I just realised this picture is more about my face than the t-shirt, isn't it. Well, I'm not putting the t-shirt back on right now, just to take another picture, over a week later. :P It simply features a big version of the Ubuntu logo.

This t-shirt promotes the Hack Square, the section run by Dutch and Belgian hackerspaces during the Chaos Communication Camp 2011. As far as I'm aware, it's not (yet) for sale anywhere.

This is probably the oldest nerdy tee I own. Remember how I talked about ScriptFrenzy and NaNoWriMo in my previous t-shirt post, as well as the writing post? The second year I did Nano, I bought the commemorative t-shirt as well. That's all the way back in 2003. You can't tell because of the overexposure (oh hai sun), but the white print is actually all crackled up. I think the OLL merch store also carries some leftover 2009 and 2008 shirts in addition to the 2010 one, but no, they don't go all the way back to the 2003 edition. ;)

Another webcomic t-shirt, this time featuring Lilah from Ctrl-Alt-Del. The speech balloon reads "Girls play videogames too. You'd know this if you got out of the house once in a while." One thing I don't like about this tee is that it's so short! As you can see, I'm wearing high-waisted jeans in this picture and I'm still showing an inch of skin between where my t-shirt ends and my jeans begin. It's practically a crop top.

Okay, I suppose this is cheating just a tiny bit. I'm wearing an asymmetrical top, which tends to slide rather far down my left shoulder and is slightly sheer as well, so I like to wear a tank top underneath and not expose my bra to the world. Instead of wearing the plain black tank top that I usually put on underneath, I wore my NERD tank instead. I'm not sure if this technically counts as "wearing a nerdy t-shirt for nerd awareness month", considering I put a non-nerdy top over the actual nerdy one. :P Available at The Nerd Machine.

And so we've reached the last of my stack of nerdy tees! If I've counted all the photos correctly, this is my 15th t-shirt. This was the commemorative t-shirt for our eth0 2010 summer camp. There aren't any of these brown babydoll type tees left over, but I think there are still a few guys' ones in navy.

And that's it! Hope you've enjoyed the long list of tees... if you have a funky t-shirt collection of your own, feel free to share! :)

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More funky tees

Well, I'm still on track as far as the "nerdy/pop-culture t-shirt every day in July" challenge goes. Not a different tee every day, but then that wasn't part of the challenge and, though I haven't done an exact count, I don't think I own 31 different nerdy tees anyway. So, without further ado:

July 3rd & 4th tee -- a Dalek conquering all other robots. Because Daleks are awesome like that. I ended up staying over at my mum's place Sunday night rather unexpectedly, so I didn't have a fresh tee with me for Monday. Oops. I got this t-shirt at Teefury. They're like Qwertee, except that where Qwertee's designs stay up for three days, you can only get Teefury shirts for a single day each. So once again, there's basically no way for you to get this tee :P

July 5th. Another Teefury design: Chuck, Jeff and Lester from Chuck. The text underneath is largely obscured by my fat rolls the way the shirt is crinkled up, obviously, but it reads: "THE HERD, For all your computer needs." Both this picture and the previous one are twitpic reposts (in fact, I liked this second one enough that I'm even using it as my current Twitter icon) because once again, I managed to completely forget to take photos on the actual days. :P

July 6th: NERD shirt. And a cat eating my hand. And another piece of cat on my left boob, though I didn't realise that until I attached this photo just now. There's not a whole lot to say about this shirt... it says NERD in NES logo style. That makes it pretty awesome. You can get these (and other variations) at the Nerd Machine.

And finally today's, July 7th. If you've been reading this blog for long enough (say, from 2007-2009), you'll know that I participated in ScriptFrenzy twice. It's a challenge where you try to write a 20,000-word (2007) or 100-page (current) screenplay in one month. I tried this twice and failed, with about 17000 words, in 2007, and won, with a final page count of 103, in 2009. Together, those two bits became the 166-page monstrosity that is the RoA script. (Actually, that's after the first quick revision. I don't have the very first draft on hand right now, but I think it stood at 173-ish pages.)

Fun fact: somewhere midway through June 2009, I ran into massive writer's block on RoA and ended up writing about four pages of a Charah fanscript. Yeah, that means I technically only wrote 103-4 = 99 pages of RoA script that month. However, I figure all script pages written during Screnzy count towards the 100-page goal, right? Anyway. This is the 2007 commemorative Screnzy t-shirt. The OLL store actually appears to have a few of these still in stock, as well as the merch for the later years.

Since we're doing a clothing post anyway, I might as well show you the shoes I bought last Tuesday. These are converse clones made out of some denimy fabric. They were on sale for only € 15.

And these are ballet flats, except much sturdier. They're actually more like sneakers with the top cut off, and a really soft inner lining. I think (unlike typical cheap ballet flats which have absolutely zero support and chafe my heels) these will be quite comfortable on walks while not being as hot as wearing full sneakers and socks. These were also on sale, for € 25.

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